Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Leaders of the Free World

Why do my friends and I call ourselves the Leaders of the Free World? Well, one of us (I’m being purposefully vague here) was in therapy and looking at why she was so staggeringly successful in some parts of her life and so ahem, not as successful in others. Her therapist said, “Well, why would Bill Clinton have sex with an intern? Because to everyone else he was the Leader of the Free World, but deep inside, he still felt like Bubba from Arkansas.”

So ever since she shared that with us, when one of us is having a crisis of confidence, someone else always pipes up and says, “You are NOT Bubba from Arkansas! You are the Leader of the Free World!” Somewhere along the line, we just started referring to our group collectively as “The Leaders of the Free World.”

The name is so fitting because I am thoroughly convinced, that given enough free time, we could solve the problems of the world. Collectively, we are that damn smart and wise and talented. If someone would just put us up somewhere with about a month’s supply of beer and snack foods, we could have the economy rebounding, the Middle East settled down, and the health care bill all figured out. President Obama? I hear Camp David is lovely this time of year!


Zen Mama said...

So happy to be a part of this group. I totally agree on the Camp David thing. We'll let G handle the Middle East!

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

I love your tongue-in-cheek writing style, but that's because it resonates with me. The only way I "get" things sometimes is if they're written in MY language...and your words ARE! I love this post for so many reasons...I swear you are my long lost sister from another mother. I totally agree with the notion that if a few good women got together, they really COULD solve the world's problems in a weekend! More than that, though, I love what you shared that the therapist said. That makes SO much sense. I'm going to have to send a link of this page to my friends so they can remind me that I'm not Bubba from Arkansas when I get to feeling blue about myself. Thank you, sweet and inspiring new friend!