Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

I’ve never been so glad to see a year in my rearview mirror as with 2009. Ugh! With apologies to Charles Dickens, it was the best of years, it was the worst of years. Mostly the worst of years. My beloved SIL’s cancer diagnosis tops the list of suckage that was 2009, but there was (is) also the never-ending bathroom remodel, not to mention the never-fully-healing detached retina. (To be clear, the retina has reattached. But I still can’t see clearly. And it sucks! And it’s been months and months. And it sucks!) In addition, in 2009 my other beloved SIL (hi Milly!) went through a lengthy and difficult divorce, as did a dear friend. Another dear friend is still in the midst of a divorce and a third precious friend (hi Robin!) is nursing her mother through a terrible illness. In 2009, my sister-friend learned that it is only a matter of time before she must undergo a serious surgery.  And then there is my much respected and adored boss, who lost her father in 2009 AND is going through a difficult divorce. I watched so many people I love go through so much stress and pain in 2009. And it sucked!  Have I mentioned that 2009 pretty much sucked?

Surprisingly given the level of whining in that last paragraph, I am feeling hopeful about 2010. I just love a bright, shiny new year, don’t you? I love New Year’s Resolutions and goals and make them all the time...for New Year’s, for Chinese New Year, for the beginning of the school year, for my birthday. I have no problem making goals and resolutions. I just have trouble keeping them. But I never give up hope. And so that is my theme for 2010: HOPE. Hope that better days are going to come. No, hope that better days are HERE.


Robin Thomas said...

I need your optimism because I fear 2010 will suck worse. Hope, huh? I have noticed a few blog friends selecting a word, a rock in the stream, a quest. I love the idea. Perhpas I will choose 'fatigue' as I am quite sure I can achieve that each and every day.

I know, I have to work on that. Also, I have been really mad about your chronic bathroom remodel. I think it has been abusive. I am also very mad about your eye. I cannot imagine living with that frustration.

I do not think I could have the strength of your SIL.

I think I may focus on what friendships bring to the table in 2010. Yours certainly was one of the best things about 2009 for me.

Milly said...

Let's not forget the broken hip, knee work, dad's health, the quick marriage of the ex to the mistress, and. . . oh wait that's all. I have a fav necklace that has two crosses and a charm that says HOPE. That's the word for the year.

Still I count my blessings I have you guys and lots of love and friendship. I have a job and a home. Life may make me tired but I still love it.

My word verification is dinglo "The dinglo ate your baby" Heh!

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Amen. I feel the same way about 2009. Good ridance! In our small group we've faced similar challenges and I agree that they all top the list of "suckage"! I love your phrases, Sweetie Pie. Some people look at me like a goofball for using phrases like this, but really, they're the only ones that fit properly! Yes. Yes. 2010 is full of HOPE. Amen.