Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here's Blood in Your Eye

Just an update...
  • The doc says my continued vision problems are just due to a lot of blood in my eye.  (Oh boy!)  It should resolve in time. 
  • Mr. Sweetie is home!  Mr. Sweetie is home!  Life is so much better when Mr. Sweetie is home.
  • My beloved sister-in-law is doing better.  The chemo appears to be shrinking the tumor.  She still has a long road ahead but things are looking hopeful.
  • Work is going better.  I had a big win this week.  A weird win, but a win nonetheless.  To quote one of my favorite movies:  "I love winning!  It's like, better than losing." 


Robin Thomas said...

Winning is like losing only funner.

Congratulations on the turn around on work, your hubby and of course your sister-in-law. I hope the eye will get the hint and get on board with everyone else.

Big hug!