Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bathroom Redo

Quite some time ago, we discovered a leak in our bathroom.  The leak had been going on behind the walls for some time without our knowledge, so when we discovered the leak, we also discovered a nice little science project inside our bathroom walls.  Lovely!  Next thing we knew, we were looking at a complete bathroom remodel, whether we wanted one or not.

Lucky for us, a very dear friend is quite handy and offered to serve as our general contractor, which would save us buttloads of money.  (That's a technical, contracting term.)  However, our VDF (very dear friend) has a real job so we knew that the remodel might take a while.

Way back in August, when I was at home lying on my left side due to the bubble in my eye, a team of workers came over and destroyed our bathroom.  Not that it was very nice to begin with.  Here's how it looked before they started:

And here's how it looked when they were done:

And that's how it looked for the rest of August.  And September.  And October.  There are some very good reasons, all of which we understand, and yet, we just want a nice place to shower and pee.  Is that too much to ask?

Lately, work has started again.  Hallelujah!  Our VDF has promised us a completed bathroom by Christmas.  Another very dear friend is a talented artist and has made us a custom mirror that is our "inspiration piece" for the bathroom.   (Is it possible to watch a little too much HGTV?)  Here it is:

Try to ignore the relection of the TV and entertainment center and just look at the pretty mirror.  The photo does not do the mirror justice.  Here's another pathetic attempt to capture it's beauty with my poor photography skills:

It took me forever to pick out tile but I finally did.  Here it is:

The charcoal gray tile will go on the floor.  The light gray will go on the shower walls.  The glass tile is intended to be a decorative accent to tie the two together.  I have no idea what paint color we will use.  The bathroom is small and dark so I want to use something light, but you enter the bathroom through the sage green master bedroom, and I would like the rooms to complement each other but not be matchy-matchy.  Any thoughts?


Zen Mama said...

I love your tile selections and I chuckled at your photography skills as they are much like my own. Here's a thought - bring your tile and paint swatches next week and each and every one of us will give you a different opinion!

Happy birthday friend. Can't wait to see you!

rlvd said...

Well, first, Happy Birthday!...I'm thinking it's close to that from the above post :)

My jaw dropped to read how long your bathroom was 2x4s. SO GLAD for you that it's going to be finished w/in a month!

I love the tile. For paint color, I'm trying to picture coming from a sage green room...maybe if you'd post a picture of that color since my living room walls are 'bamboo' and I could never describe that!! But I'm thinking maybe like a stone color (once again...who knows what that is...I know what I mean in my mind!) ;-)