Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Song for my Daughter

In your laugh, there are a thousand butterflies.

And in your eyes glows my sun.

In your skin are all the silks and satins of all the world;
nobody else's skin was ever as soft as this.

And in your song
that only you can sing
are a thousand church bells,
backed by a thousand choirs,
lifted up by a thousand prayers.

In your breath is the smell of wisdom, sweet as fruit.

In your belly button is a little piece of lint.

And in your dimple,
the one by the corner of your mouth,
in that dimple,
right there,
resides my heart.


Robin Thomas said...

I wish i could right something more proufound than this:


You are so beautiful. Sparkling more than I have ever known.

Zen Mama said...

I see that dimple and I see your heart. Oh, my love, this is a breathtaking portrait of the love of a mother.

Chills is right.

Don't you just wish you could freeze her right now at this very moment?