Sunday, August 28, 2011

Remember This?

Remember this?  Remember snow and howling winds and bitter, bitter cold?  Most people don't understand this about me, some even claim I'm crazy, but I long for Fall and Winter all year long.

My pasty, white skin was not meant for the harsh, bright sun of summer--I only burn, never tan.  Sweating makes me itch.  Mosquitos love me, and their bites swell up on me the size of quarters.  I don't like to swim.  Summer just has nothing to offer me that I'm interested in. 

And this year has been especially brutal.  A record-setting heat wave coupled with drought has made this summer unbearable to me.  Walking outside is like walking into an oven.  The air conditioning cannot keep up when it is over 100 degrees day after day after day.  No matter what you do, count on sweating while doing it.  I would like to kiss the person who invented ceiling fans.  The nearby lake looks so desolate, what with its fishing dock sitting on dry land.  The lovely (and expensive) bushes I planted so hopefully and lovingly this Spring are as dry and crispy as corn flakes, even though we watered them faithfully as often as the water rationing would allow

My creativity is dry and crispy too.  Art and Craft have lifted me out of many a funk, if only temporarily, but this time I got nuttin'.  I cannot find the energy to do much at all.  I suspect I may be a wee bit depressed.  The summer doldrums?  Can I call in sick to work with that?

My husband's answer to everything is, "This too shall pass."  Sometimes annoying, but always, ALWAYS true.  And so I comfort myself by dreaming of nippy days and chilly nights, piling another blanket on the bed, digging out my fluffiest, warmest socks, and celebrating those wonderful gray days of Fall and Winter.


Zen Mama said...

God flipped the switch here on Sept. 1. It is a cool, crisp fall, even a bit nippy. Thanks for reminding me whether I'm here or there, it will always be about the weather.

Also, I agree with your wonderful hubby but I will give you something more to chew on while you await the beautiful Oklahoma fall. Feel this pain, be with it, sweat it out, literally, and realize it is there for some God forsaken reason. That's all I got.