Monday, March 22, 2010

The Highs and Lows

Here's a blog post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago and never posted that explains why I haven't been posting lately:

Have you ever seen that TV show, “Hoarders”? That’s the way my mind feels—all cluttered and sad, with mouse droppings in the corners and evidence of insect infestation. It’s all musty and dusty and rusty up in here and I’d like to do something about it but I don’t know where to start. So I sit in the chaos and the clutter. I need some mental Drano, some psychic Ex-lax.  It’s days like this that it’s easy to forget my theme for this year is “HOPE.”

And here's a excerpt from an email I wrote to a friend who jokingly asked if I were going to make croissants from scratch:

I will never stuff a mushroom. I will never make a turducken. I will never make croissants or homemade puff pastry. I will never personally roast a pig on a spit or bury a goat in a hole in my yard. I will ever pickle eggs. I will never egg a pickle. I will however, on occasion, stuff a pickle with pimento cheese. (Don't knock it until you've tried it.)  I will never cook a rack of lamb. I will never make any form or flavor of aspic. (For the love of God, never ever EVER google the word “aspic”...the images are horrifying! I can never unsee them. I now suffer from Post Traumatic Aspic Disorder.)

I will never fry, saute’ or stuff a squash blossom. I will never make gelatin from scratch. I will never make chitlins, tripe, brains, kidney pie, tongue, blood pudding, or calf fries. Ditto re lamb fries. I will never make head cheese (see aspic, above). For that matter, I will most likely never make any form of cheese from scratch. Not that head cheese is actual cheese.

I very much know who I am and what I am about (and what I am not) in the kitchen.

So no, I will not be making homemade croissants. And you?


vintage girl at heart said...

I feel the same way lately.. well actually since the ole hysterectomy...I just gooogled adderall to see if I qualified..:).

my verification word is piggstan...hmmm

JemJam said...

Uh, none of that chitterlings, tripe, brains, etc., but, I plan to make my own puff pastry, (mmmm!) and I would not mind making yogurt cheese some day, it looks mindless.

I don't even know what aspic is and I thought myself to be an epicure.

Robin Thomas said...

I just had a lengthy conversation with JemJam about the use of a can opener. She didn't own one. She did not own a can opener.

I will never make ox tail.

Hoaders with mouse droppings, huh? I understand perfectly. I think it is fine to accumulate steam for a while, it will drive you to feel better later. Or at least, I am counting on that.

And I do not eat sushi.

Margie said...

Aspic disorder! LOL! That cracked me up:) Never say never! ~ Margie