Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gone Too Long

Mr. Sweetie has been gone so long.  Absolutely weeks and weeks.  (Ok, only in Sweetie Pie time.)  He is in Houston helping out his sister who is receiving cancer treatment.  A noble and worthy cause, one for which I am gladly willing to sacrifice. 

However, I am not cut out for single parenting.  I lose patience with Lil Sweetie, there is no one to step in when I lose my cool and need a break.  I don't ask for much, but just to get to go to the bathroom without being forced into cookie negotiations through the door.  When Mr. Sweetie isn't around, it's the little things that fall by the wayside.  The laundry is never completely done, the mail stacks up, the dogs start to stink.

I know that some people do this all day, every day.  There should be a Congressional Medal of Honor for single parents.  And the families of our troops, who add the worry about the safety of their loved one to their never-ending list of things to do.  Other days, I am too sweaty and petty to care about anyone's pain but my own.


ANestWithAView said...

Have you started talking to her with a smile and through clenched teeth? That feels real good...

Milly said...

It's hard to adjust and when you do the dad comes home and changes stuff. Unless you hire . . . Oh wait that's just me. ;-)

I know it's hard for sure. Thanks for the loan of the dude. I could only be the for a short time.

Love you and Little

JemJam said...

Yes, I second the smile and clenched teeth, which I learned from Robin.