Thursday, May 10, 2012

Don't Look Down

Better not look down
If you want to keep on flying,
Put the hammer down,
Keep it full speed ahead.
You’d better not look back,
Or you might just wind up crying,
You can keep it moving
If you don’t look down.

--Written by Will Jennings and Joe Sample
Performed by B.B. King

If it is true what the Bible says, and two become one flesh, then losing your partner in life is an amputation. It is brutal and scarring but doesn’t leave a mark. There should be a mark. A permanent mark.  As permanent as your love for him.

Don’t look down. Flying solo is scary.

Don’t look down. Keep your chin up.

Don’t look down. Keep your eye on the prize.

Don’t look down. On anyone, including yourself.

Don’t look down. Step forward into a new life, without him. What choice do you have?

Don’t look down. Stand on your own two feet.

Don’t look down. Repeat the mantra: Left foot, right foot, breathe.

Don’t look down.


Robin Thomas said...

Powerful in all ways.

You are.

ain't for city gals said...

So happy to see this post from day at a time is enough for now.

Suz said...

You are widow friend! Really!