Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Damn Recipe, Completely Inedible

No alligator skin for us!
 Seriously, don't eat the results of this recipe...

Last winter, my co-worker, Peggy, noticed the 4 band-aids on my fingers and asked what was up.  I showed her my cracked and bleeding cuticles, and she gave me this recipe for smooth, hydrated skin.  Lil Sweetie and I have been using this lotion for almost a year now, and have had nary an ashy patch since.

Take 1 tub of Vaseline and scoop it out into a bowl.  Pour in 1 bottle of Vitamin E oil.  Add 1 bottle of baby lotion, whatever fragrance you like.  (Lil Sweetie and I like the unscented kind.)  Mix together thoroughly.  (I use an old hand mixer I no longer use for food.)  Lil Sweetie and I like to put the finished lotion back into the Vaseline tub and baby lotion bottle 'cause we are "green" like that, but you can put it into whatever you like.  And that's all there is to it!

In my wildest dreams, I never would have believed that this lotion would soak in and not leave you feeling all greasy, but it is really good stuff.  Peggy swears she even uses it on her face but I can't personally recommend that.


rlvd said...

thx for sharing!

Robin Thomas said...

You are funny, smart, loving and now this? Supple too?