Monday, February 15, 2010

Remodeling Update

The remodeling project from hell is dang near done.  It quite possibly would have been completed yesterday had we not had a pipe burst (completely unrelated to the remodel).  Thank God Uncle Dave, our friend and contractor was here.  He knew how to get the water to stop spewing and then he did a temporary fix on the thing.  Do you know how much it would have cost us to have a plumber come out on Sunday evening?  I shudder to think.  All Uncle Dave charged us was a couple of cookies!  Anyway, a closet was flooded so my decluttering goal got a jump start--I threw out a bunch of crap that I might have been tempted to hold on to otherwise...things aren't nearly so tempting when they are drippy.

Speaking of drippy, here's how we paid Uncle Dave for emergency plumbing services:

Our Valentine's cookies, like love itself, are imperfect and messy. 

The closet part of the remodel is done so I thought I would give you a peek-a-boo.  (This is not the closet that flooded, just so ya know.)  Here is a pic of the closet before the remodel:

Here is a pic taken during the remodel, looking from Lil Sweetie's room, through the closet, into the bathroom:

And here are some "after" pics of the closet:

That top shelf in the very top of the photo goes all the way around the closet.  You can't really tell, but the paint is a very light gray, called "Subtle Touch."  (I so want a job naming colors of things.  Wouldn't that be fun?  But I digress.)  Here's another view of the closet:

It's rather difficult to take exciting photos of a closet.  But it is a big improvement.  The closet went from a poorly designed regular ol' closet to a walk-in.  I lost the coin toss for the closet, but did win the consolation prize of one regular ol' closet for my clothes and another regular ol' closet for my crafts.  Everybody wins!

Here's another view of the closet:

But wait!  What can that be in the corner?  Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Well I'll be!  It's a sparkly-eyed brown-bellied munchkin!