Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Blue Can I Get?

I love the blues. LOVE them. I love how blues singers take a bad situation and just WALLOW in it, even as they sometimes poke fun at themselves for doing so. Singing the blues just cheers me up, it really does.

"I'm gonna lay my head on some lonesome railroad line and let the 2:19 train ease my troubled mind." Now that is some wallowin', don'tcha know!

So, lately I've been singing the blues a lot. My eye is still healing which is making many of my favorite things, such as crafts and reading, rather challenging. (Also, y'all, get up right now, close one eye and try to clean your bathtub. It can't be done with one eye! I never knew so many things required good vision!) My sister-in-law's situation has not changed, and I'm just frustrated as hell about it. (I can't imagine why getting treatment for cancer takes so dang long. I mean, I know the process can be a long one, but why does just getting starting take so dang long? I'm pretty sure people have been cured of cancer in the time we've been waiting for her to start treatment.) I'm worried about my other sister-in-law, who just went through a divorce, is juggling a job and two kids and a sick sister. I'm worried about my hubby. And my father-in-law. Lil Sweetie's birthmom is going through some hard times. The bathroom remodel has completely stalled. There are mice in my garage and the dogs have fleas and I'm pretty sure locusts and frogs must be right around the corner.

Life is just hard right now. It really is. And the weird thing is that it is hard right now for so many people I know. Although I don't actually believe in astrology, I'm pretty sure the stars are out of alignment. They must be. We are just going through a gigantic cosmic shit storm.

But that blues song I quoted above?* It goes on to say: "I won't be blue always, you know the sun is gonna shine in my back door someday."

*"Trouble in Mind" if you were wondering, recorded by such greats as Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, Muddy Waters...sheesh, who hasn't recorded it?

So just let me wallow for a little while. I'll be all right. (And just to clarify, I have no actual intention of laying my head on any railroad tracks, although I do enjoy singing about it at the top of my lungs.)


ANestWithAView said...

Well, the good news is that if you manage to find yourself on the rails, you won't really be able to see the train coming all that clearly, right? Silver lining?

You know I don't think you need to feel better. Just keep feeling. Big hug to you.

Milly said...

As the upside down cow said "Really I'm okay"

The boy is doing well and won't be getting a new hip. Miss Littles has a best friend that I love. That's a good thing because she's here almost every day.

I'm sorry you eye hasn't healed yet and I understand about the fleas my kitten came wit um.

Argggg.... on the bathroom.

Memz stuff has all of us feeling crazy. She won't listen to me so I'm not alot of help in getting her to go to OK City. Call some time and I'll tell ya what I know. Dad isn't well stress wise.

I'll pray for Lil's birth mom.

Love ya sis!

Zen Mama said...

Baby, I understand the blues. I am sorry everything is still so cosmically f'd up. I will keep praying for all. I know that sun will come a shinin' soon.

Small consolation for you...I have given you a Kreativ Blogger award. Hop over to Stalking Sunsets to pick it up. It's a fun exercise!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I made a pink body condom for my dog Tate tonight to keep him from chewing on his tail. I'll send you a picture to give you a smile.

I read an article on the NYTimes website today about how social behaviors and moods are transmitted to people three degrees of separation away. So it's not just the shit storm in your own family, but the collective shit storm involving people you may not even know directly -- the parents of the children in Lil Sweetie's class, e.g.

Have fuzzy slipper, not afraid to use it to beat the crap outta anyone you name.